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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Ultimate Goal of Artist and Writers - Supervoid

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Whatever is in the Cosmos is also in our body. Woodroffe says “Man is a microcosm, whatever exists in the outer world exists in him”. The Supervoid is as much part of our existence as it is of our Galaxy. May be we are as ignorant about ourselves as we are about the outer world.

The ‘void’ or ‘emptiness’ is felt by many human beings in the process of their growth. Though all human beings are born with the elements of this void, but only very few who become an artist, writer or scientist are able to fill the vacuum created by the void. The human aspires to be Superhuman, but are devoid of Supervoid. This tends to further the intensity of void which is yet to become dense enough to cause the Supervoid.

One can reach and realize void without shedding ‘ I ‘ but the journey from void to Supervoid is possible only after shedding all kinds of Ego permanently. Unfortunately, it is a Herculean task and no sincere efforts have been made in this direction.

It is not necessary that some super event would lead to the formation of Supervoid. A very small event, a trifle for ordinary man could be of great consequence for a receptive mind. It is not necessary that those who already suffer from the void are eligible for Supervoid. All types of creativity fills up this void to some extent, the perfection in creation makes it more intense, and only a super perfection could then fill thus formed Supervoid.

In the ancient world, it was Plotinus, who reached to that elevated stage and perceived the things which only a seer of Supervoid can perceive. His ‘True Human’ identified himself with that which was best in the universe. His idea of Eudaimonia (real happiness) is attainable only within consciousness. 

Since the World is Conical it is totally devoid of people who aspire for “The Perfect Life” as envisaged by Plotinus. It will not be proper to call his work as Neoplatonic since his theory of ‘One’ was closer to Indian Philosophy of Non-Dualism.

Einstein took one step towards understanding the mysteries of Nature by his unification theory and Stephan Hawkins took next step, but the perfection is still very far. Perfection then would lead us to immortality which would be a great boon to top notch people of conical world, who have cryopreserved their dead bodies in that expectation.

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Author of  'World is Conical

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