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Sunday, December 6, 2015


Cure of Evil Spirits By Priest and Guru

Tarot Expert Viviana Druga

Exorcism is an age-old technique of evicting an evil spirit occupying a person or a place. All regions, cults, sect, clan, schools of faith describe evil spirits and have a ritual of exorcism. The rites performed across the globe  has many similarities.

In Hindu Mythology Garuda Purana has long descriptions of Hell and Heaven that every soul is allowed to dwell depending upon the Karma. A detailed account of all your deeds in every past birth is kept by Dharmaraj.

Performance artist and Tarot Expert Viviana Druga

According to Christian belief the judgment is pronounced on doomsday. Dr. Faustus a play by Christopher Marlowe gives interesting descriptions of miracles of Dark Magic. Catholic exorcist is a consecrated priest who practices Ritulae Romanum by the authority of Bishop. Since the technique is complicated the risk factor cannot be over ruled.

Since it is believed that all Priests, Mullah and Sadhu (Guru) are messengers of God and represent good spirit, they are entitled to perform the ceremony of exorcism.

It does not need a survey to find that females are more likely to fall victim of evil spirits.

Famous shrines like Mahendipur Balaji in Rajasthan and Meera Datar Dargah in Gujarat are the most effective places for exorcism.

It is possible that some of the visitors suffer from psychic disorder. They may be patient of Hysteria or Schizophrenia and need help of Psychiatrists. Due to illiteracy and superstitions people have faith in exorcism. Paulo Coelho in his book "Witch of Portobello" has described clairvoyant powers of witchcraft.Athena  the main character's mind was free and looked at witchery as a better religion than Catholic.

Performance Artist and Tarot Expert Viviana Druga

Voodoo is a mixture of Southern American and African practices combined with Roman Catholic rites performed as part of sorcery for scaring away evil spirits.

Persons who are emotionally unstable or born under weak planetary positions are more likely to become victim of evil spirits. The teenage girls are the most common prey for evil spirits. It could be due to unhygienic practices during  menstruation and contempt for evil spirit in teenage girls.

In Hindu the exorcism is of many kinds. If you have simply been caught by an ‘evil eye’ specially when you look cute or achieve unexpected success, it can be cured by a priest of the temple of Hanuman. Every Hindu child must have been taken by his parents to such a shrine in childhood for cure. If the ‘evil eye’ was strong, you may be required to visit more than once.

In such rite universally the sacred words are chanted, holy water is sprinkled on the patient and a broom made of feathers is used to clean the possession.

If an evil spirit is powerful, very offended with the patient (if patient has urinated at the dwelling of evil spirit viz. deserted places, abandoned buildings, old tree, graveyard), it would need a specialist. Such specialists in the Hindu religion are called Tantric. They could be of any caste, but mostly they are Sadhu, Baba, Aghori or Guru.

Padmini Kolhapure in Gerhard

The ritual is a sacred ceremony performed in privacy. Like a doctor examines the patient in privacy and one trusts the doctor  similarly you have to trust the Tantric/Sadhu/Guru also. If you lack the belief why did you opt for the treatment. The Tantric touches certain plexuses or chakras to strengthen them for the cure. How you willingly take off your cloth on the command of the doctor and never blame him for touching your body, similarly for tantric cure it would be highly malicious to accuse a Sadhu's intentions in the performance of rites.

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Performance artist and Tarot Card Expert : Viviana Druga


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Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur, India

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