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Monday, February 1, 2016

Stream of Collective Unconsciousness

An Effort to Correlate William James and Carl Jung

Carl Gustav Jung and William James

Modern Man is Superman. He is Ape-man in making in cyclic order or disorder. Learning and unlearning are also cyclic and at times it  could be arduous to decide which one is more difficult. The stream of consciousness does not decide the thought process without an evocation. Politics is an integral part of poetry. The conflict is observed and absorbed, but not necessarily resolved. Perception itself is a resolution. Form is an embellishment. Naked truth is not a beauty, only embellished truth is capable of creating the illusion which is loved by egocentric psychopaths.

The alley is full of rats and cockroaches. Some of them are metamorphosed. They seek inspiration from the unknown, invisible pink unicorn. Terror and ugliness have the same repercussions on egalitarians, humanist and even feminist. It attacks on the shadow the existence of which is always deniable. The denied existence culminates into collectiveness. The Sun does not sink at horizon alone. It takes away the collective shadows and allows natural darkness to pervade.

The beauty of art is in the unconscious mind of the beholder. He has no option but to appreciate it. All ugliness when put together becomes a beautiful stream. The stream is transient, to hold it one should practice transience. Art is reflection of Ugly as Beauty. The weavers are forever doomed. If the mirror were broken the Lady of Shallot would die, even without meeting her beloved.

Nothing is ordinary. Ordinary cannot exist. The existence itself is an evidence of extraordinariness. Though it does not matter that existence is hollow, so far art of affectation is alive. This art is deeply seated in the collective unconscious of Human Archetypes, which was either in the past or will take birth in the future. In any case water is the house and wriggling is the fate. The shadow is resurrected with fire out of ambers. Extinguishers have eternal patience.

The gap between what we are and what we ought to be is filled with stinking garbage. To remain where you are is the safest way. Salvage is an act of imagination. It nourishes art. Meanwhile, create art out of garbage around you, and someday you may cross the impassable sea. It is possible  that you will be disappointed after reaching at the other end since the description of 'ought to be' is flexible.

Unlock the complex. It is only in your mind. Simplicity is the key. Vision is obscured by subjectivity. Search for your own answers, and you will find they corroborate with the universal answer, codified in a Sanskrit or Latin verse.


Dark shades of purple do not enchant a cat, especially the Black Cat. Her obsession with flash is her void. Nothing would ever fill it. Take the chance, but do not admire. Do not ride on her back, she has a tendency to jump from well to well.

All illuminated souls dwell together. The wisdom acquired by them percolates through seven heavens. Don't be a Banyan, be a leaf of grass. The intensity of receptiveness is more important.

The elements never betray, but senses may. Huge monstrous waves do not teach the same lessons as ripples do. A gentle breath invigorates and a thunder tests your stamina.

(This is the gist of preface of my forthcoming book. Please do not quote without permission)

 ©  Vipin Behari Goyal

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