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Monday, February 2, 2015

Women in Combat Role

Why Indian Army is afraid of Women in Combat Role

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It is a surprise that in a democratic country where Executive should be proactive, pragmatic and reformative has become  obsolete, redundant lethargic and corrupt and they need to be directed by Judiciary in the matters that pertain to common sense. The Delhi High Court in 2010 in a judgement directed that women officers in defence services should be given permanent commission. The Hon’ble Court pronounced that it was not some charity being sought, but enforcement of their constitutional rights.

Air Force and Navy were prudent enough to comply with the orders, but Indian Army appealed in the Supreme Court against the judgement of Delhi High Court. The army has given arguments that the bulk of army’s Junior Commissioned Officers and other ranks hail from rural India who are not yet ready to a woman as their leader in combat situations.

It is hard to believe that this argument is given in a country, which is known for women chivalry. Queen of Jhansi Laxmi Bai, Rani Velu Nachiyar, Kitturu Rani Chennamma, Rani Rudrama Devi, Maharani Tara Bai, Chandbibi of Ahmednagar, Rani Abbbakka Devi are some of the women from the recent past of Indian History who gallantly fought wars against British, Portuguese or Mugahals.

The chief of all the armies works under the command of the President of India, who till recently was a woman Mrs. Pratibha Patil. This shows a dichotomy in the philosophy of hierarchy in a system, which we trust to be perfectly operative.

 In M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur girls were not given admission in Mining Branch until last year when a girl appealed to the High Court. Hon'ble High Court rejected all types of funny arguments about the incapability of women and sternly directed the Engineering College to open the branch for willing, meritorious girls.

What is the hostile environment woman may face if given a combat role? They have consistently proved equal or rather better than their male counterparts in all walks of life including Defence Services. It would need a chauvinistic male to deny this fact.

We can do better than that. It is the high time to get rid of prejudices and honourably accept, anything that is just and reasonable.

The Psychosocial analysis of the Women in Combat Role

1. Natural Instinct: It is a natural instinct in all animals to follow women orders. All human beings receive their first commands of life from a woman who is their mother. When they receive a command, a command in a female voice, it is more natural for them to act reflexively. All stimuli received by sense organs are carried to mind which has conditioning. In some services, this conditioning is of prime importance. Once the bonding in stimuli and responses is established it bears many sweet fruits.

2. Better Strategist: The inborn insecurity in women makes them better strategist. They are quick in identifying the weaknesses of enemies and make use of it while forming a strategy for attack. They are also quick to retreat and wait patiently for an opportunity to encounter. Males on the other hand due to their false Ego do not retreat easily and delay in decision causes loss of many lives.

3. Improved E.Q.: Women are quick to adapt themselves in new circumstances. They have stronger Emotional Quotient. This is one of the most essential qualities of the persons in command.

4. Decision Makers: Marketing has become a combat with enhanced commercialization. The Indian Women have proved their excellence as CEO of many multinational companies. They have proved that they are capable of taking correct and timely decision on the important issues.

5. Superior Sixth Sense: This is established fact that women have better sixth sense. Their clairvoyant abilities give a new dimension to the age-old practices in discovering pragmatic ways of accomplishing the mission.

6. Furious in Rage: They are capable of making full use of their will power when enraged. Every woman is said to be Durga or Kali when enraged. This energy is that extra margin that becomes decisive in all combats.

7. An advantage over Pakistan: Presence of Women in Military would definitely make our Army superior to its sworn enemies. Hamza Yusuf, an Islamic scholar, has made several comments about Islam and terrorism. "The Prophet Muhammad said, 'Do not kill women or children or non-combatants and do not kill old people or religious people....'.

8. International Scenario: The United Nations recommends the balance of men to women on military vessels should be 70-30. However, the Navy has obeyed the decision of Delhi High Court, but is still far behind in maintaining the ratio. Eighty one per cent women said they wanted to be in combat roles because it was challenging.

9. Multi Tasking: Women are expert, so far as multi tasking is concerned. In War this is one of the most essential qualities. A troop has its own social dynamics and needs to be handled with diligence. The core values and prioritization helps in handling multi tasking aptly.

10. Identifying the Role: Once given the opportunity to prove themselves apparently they would make all the efforts to define and identify their role in the militia. The preconception of society that Military is male institution is giving way and new seeds that have germinated in the crevices of the igneous rocks are ready to flourish and prosper.


4 September 2015

Delhi High Court allows permanent commission to women officers of Indian Navy.
Justice Najmi Waziri said "Court would frown upon any endeavour which tries to restrain progress of women".

© Vipin Behari Goyal
 Author, Advocate, Feminist

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