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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Grey Zone Of LGBT

Social Acceptance of Recreation without Procreation.


Marriages are made in Heaven....
Heaven belongs to God, and God himself is neither gay nor a supporter of it, he would not permit Gay Marriages to be made in Heaven, but they would be solemnized on Earth with the kind dictum of the Supreme Court.

Out of control judicial activism threatens traditional marriage in America. ~Ernest Istook

And how is that all important issues, even social and cultural issues ultimately land in the court of courts in all healthy democratic countries.

Why the senate or parliament of elected bodies, who represent the will of the people fail in their duty and wait for the oligarchy to decide the issue. May be they do not want to annoy any fraction of the people and shift the onus on a body which seldom let go an opportunity to show their power. Either way politicians have a cause of jubilation and increase their own popularity.

Andre Gide (French Nobel Laureate in Literature)  in his novel 'The Immoralist' has shown his infatuation for Arab boys leaving details to the reader's imagination.
"Take away the bodies, and minds are normal, the desires natural, souls attuned."

Ancient Greeks invented display of good physique in men as a sport and youngsters kowtowed in adoration and hero worship, to become their 'favorites'.

In nature all males are better looking than their counterpart females. Lion looks far better than Lioness and a Peacock is far more handsome than Peahen. Human being to entice women for their own ulterior motives started portraying the beauty of females in poetry, painting and other arts. Finding beauty in few odd contours  was invention of lecherous males.

All men have a woman in them and all women a man. Indian Mythology has a concept of Ardhanarishvara.

Any one of them can dominate other despite the gender. XX and XY set of chromosomes have some intermingling which determines the psychic gender of a person.

Bertrand Russell in 'Marriage and Morals' has overruled  the importance of procreation in marriage. The institution of marriage was always supported by religion. To look to the society to acknowledge the institution of marriage is like giving undue importance to the religion. Though legal consequences of all types of marriages over weigh the individual's commitments of love, devotion and companionship.

Havelock Ellis supports Uranism so far there is no outrage to a minor and public decency is not violated.

Krafft-Ebing who considered inversion as both congenital as well as acquired, did not look on inversion as disease or a degeneration.

Temporary  manifestation and tribadism are common but lifelong commitment is only in congenital.

Watch a short film 'Minus Minus Plus' for the new dimensions of LGBT.

World Economists are also happy with facility of recreation without procreation.
We would have enough food for everybody if entire world does not produce any child for a decade.

Just waiting for the day when rape and robbery would also be legalised.

1 September 2015

Kentucky County Clerk defies the orders of Supreme Court and denies to issue same-sex marriage licence. 

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur, India

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