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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Gender of God

                         God Is A Person

William Phillips a Nobel laureate Physicist who did pioneering work on laser cooled atoms said "God is a person".

The debate about gender of God could be the foundation that would decide the future of Christianity. Once the initial shock of raising the issue subsides and pundits of spirituality are ready to debate on the issue many new theories would evolve that may help us in understanding unsolved mysteries of the universe to some extent or at least a new dimension would be created in that direction.

Godel's theorem "we can never prove anything for sure" implies that logic has its own limitation. Faith begins where logic ends, and faith is a delusion (Nietzsche), so in the end, we may reach to from where we begin, but in that circumambulation we will discover many truths that can lead us to discover The Absolute Truth.

Exodus 18:4, Genesis 22:2 refers to LORD god who created Eve from the rib (tsela in Arabic means side) of Adam. Eve was not formed from the dust of the Earth as in the case of Adam. Adam accepted Eve as "bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh". But how does this make a man superior? Or a master of female gender?. Does a person who donates blood, bone marrow, eye or kidney is in anyway master of the person who has received the donation. Most of the time they even do not know each other.

There was no dearth of earth and the Lord could have easily formed another structure complementary to his debut, but he preferred side, and that was no experiment on his power of creation, but there was a message for future mankind in it. After the discovery of bone marrow and stem cells and their capacity of "regeneration" has given a new dimension of the meaning of the word regeneration as used in the Bible. In "in vitro fertilization " the baby is formed without sin and is technically more superior to those born by sin.

However the silicon chips used by Lord (referred to as dust of the earth) was the "matter" Lord used to create a mannequin of man and life ("energy") was transferred by his breath. In Sankhyaa (Sanskrit scripture) the role of light, action and inertia are said to be vital for evolution. The interplay of Purusha and Prakriti ie. primordial matter and consciousness is the only theory that not only equates the role of male and female powers in the formation of the world but also shows the superiority of feminine energy.

The Supreme God could be without attributes, a condensed form of energy and matter, a lump of radiations. The science is too nascent to understand mysteries of nature. We need many more postulates , theories, hypothesis, assumption and axioms to determine the gender of nature in its true and original form.

Meanwhile consider the "HeSh" to be His gender.

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Advocate,Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur


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