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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Men will never be equal to Women

Negative Feminism

Havelock Ellis 

Wollstonecraft and Virginia Wolfe had a great vision. They knew the direction in which the society was heading. They talked about issues which will remain relevant for many centuries to come. The saga that started with demand of a room of one's own, has not come to an end. Every strong thesis has an equally strong antithesis. Feminism does not have any antithesis. Neither Masculism  nor Egalitarianism serves the purpose. Anti-Feminist is, one who does not subscribe to Feminism. Feminism is a theory of the political, economic and social equality of the sexes and covers all organized activities to claim the right, and protect the interest of women. My antithesis of Feminism is Negative Feminism. "Negative Feminism is protection of the right and needs of Men. Some important components of this theory are as follows:

1. Masculism-
This term is still unknown to the dictionary. Though an ambiguous page on Wikipedia says that it is the advocacy of the rights and needs of men. In case of women it is ‘right and interest’ while in case of men it is ‘right and needs’. This explains a lot. The women are already standing at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. They are searching for identity, which in a way is self-realization or self actualization need. Men on the other hand, are striving to fulfill their physiological needs. The responsibility to earn a square meal is on his shoulder. He is supposed to work hard and earn all amenities for his family. The society condemns a man who fails to do so. On the play 'Death of a Salesman’ by Arthur Miller, Willy Loman commits suicide when he fails to provide facilities for his family. He had one dream; to fulfil the dreams of his family members. On the other hand, in the play ‘The Doll’s House’ by Henrik Ibsen, Nora Helmer deserted her husband and three children just because her husband refused to take the blame of forgery she had committed. Either way, it is the man who is a sufferer if he fails to fulfil expectations of  woman from him.

women rights

Women lack genius and genuine morality, men lack passion and compassion, for these qualities they have to imitate each other.

2. Bachelorette
The female counterpart of the Bachelor is Spinster. Now a single unmarried woman is called Bachelorette. Spinster is woman past the usual age of marrying and is considered unlikely to marry. So a male spinster is still waiting to be christened. We need to acknowledge the psychological needs of the man who is past the usual age of marriage and is considered unlikely to marry. Why famous artist like Voltaire, Beethoven, Leonardo Di Vinci and Henry James chose to remain celibate? Why an imaginative genius child is retarded by a dominating woman in his life ? Women may be classified on the basis of their relationship with men. Prefix of Miss and Mrs. defines their status and thus availability but men have been denied any such privilege. Virginity also defines a women, but no parallel word is coined for males of the same species. Man has constantly been ignored, since he has no platform to raise his voice. While the word prostitute and whore have ancient origin the word gigolo was coined in 1920.

3. Literature in appreciation of female beauty
Voluminous literature has been created in praise of female beauty. Some characters like Helen and Cleopatra have become immortal, though it is not sure if they were really beautiful. Males have received no such praise even from female authors. Female authors have never revealed if they are attracted by the physical attributes of a male. They pose that character is more important for men. In ‘Joseph Andrews’ by Henry Fielding, Joseph writes a letter to his sister Pamela. He writes"chastity is as great virtue in a man as in woman”, and vows to preserve it at any cost.Men deserves better attention from women writers. We need more female writers to write about physical beauty of men and his sufferings if he chooses to remain chaste.

4. Henpecked Husbands
Havelock Ellis in his book "Psychology of Sex" said 95% male masturbates and rest tell a lie. The same is true for henpecked husband. All married men are henpecked in some way or other. Either they are proud of it or they are ashamed of it. This is an eternal suffering. Nagging is said to be the birthright of women.This is high time we make certain law to protect rights of henpecked husbands.

5. Cuckold Husbands 
The definition is funny, but not the situation.
William Congreve in his famous play "The way of the world" has shown deceit among upper class English households. Fainall complains "My wife is an arrant wife and I am a cuckold...".A cuckold husband is more despised character than a whore. There is a complete genre of man which is grossly condemned by society. Pimp is one of them. We have stories about famous harlot and prostitutes but nobody has written about pimps who made them famous.

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© Vipin Behari Goyal
Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur, India

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