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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Echo Of Silence

Learn to Hear The Voice of Silence

The Other I 

Solitude and silence are the virtues created by freedom of choice, since both could be either ‘Outer’ or ‘Inner’. They are the great source of creativity. Silence endowed with the quality of echo, is superior. It is the voice of your consolidated Karma of this and all your past births. It talks only after thick trust of intimacy. It connects you to the stream of consciousness formatted by impressions of all previous births. Every person is a product of all decisions taken, but also all decisions that he did not take when choices was there. Indecision is no decision, just as having no principle is not a principle. The situations were resolved by the notion of right and wrong or good and evil. What is universally accepted is not necessarily a truth or reality. In a settlement of addicts, you cannot talk sense, lest you will be labeled as insane. If you fancy -isms and ideologies you are an addict, you first have to go for a cure and what could be better medicine than silence and solitude.

The prism of the -ism dissects the ray of light which is truth. Truth in its absolute form is indivisible. So all -isms and ideologies are only contemporary truth that could prove wrong with the passage of time. The time-tested literature becomes immortal. The classification of genre is only a convenience; truth has no servitude to the finity. Nor is it revealed by an explosion or after a blind turn. Truth is veiled by a translucent silk curtain that you were always afraid to touch. Curiosity makes you anxious but does not infuse dare. By a sudden stroke of luck, by a minor incident, by a blow of air or a wave in the ocean the curtain is removed and the truth is exposed to you. It is a surprise that you were not shocked, but felt blissful. The Christ has arrived, the Krishna is born, and the Prophet Muhammad has heard Gabriel. The writer starts his walk, on such a long journey.

Ordinary becomes extraordinary for a writer. Truth is revealed to him by an ordinary incidence, so he explores the phenomenon of simple and ordinary things. He can identify that pattern of ideas, thoughts and actions that reveal in certain emotions. The characters created by an enlightened writer are either Whole or Fragmented. They could never be classified as round and flat or type and individual. A character could be whole in the eyes of Humanism while Fragmented when seen from the eyes of Realism. The ‘Whole’ existence would create trouble in the mind of existentialist, who has already split the theory so many times that by any further split in the theory, it would lose its existence.

The ‘I’ is in perpetual Love-Hate relationship with the ‘Other I’. When I is silent the Other I speaks and it is thus an ‘Echo of Silence’. The Other ‘I’ is a fanatic pursuer of truth. The simple language sounds satirical when it has an element of truth. The Other I fill the void created by the existence of I. The ‘Other I’ is irrational, no logic can convince him, if he decides to go follow the dictum of his heart. Permit him that Space and see how he transcendences the boundary of Time, and brings timeless jewel for you from the womb of the Unborn.

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© Vipin Behari Goyal

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