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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Facts about Fiction

The Art of Futuristic Novels

Realism has brought fiction to the solid ground and the impressionist and the symbolist movement gave shape to contemporary realism. The distinct Forms of Art viz.  Lyrical, the Epic and the Dramatic have crossed the boundaries of its watertight compartment. Writers feel more free to experiment with form, theme, setting, structure and characterization day by day.

Many experiments done at regional level in regional languages by regional authors are of great magnitude but are unexplored by literary giants. The traditional publishers have become more shy day by day. They shun beginners like untouchables. They say that they receive manuscripts every day in the quantity of truckloads. (I was surprised to hear the same dialogue from three different traditional publishers during the World Book Fair, New Delhi). It makes one happy that at least so much literature is being created everyday. At the same time, it is sure that most of it does not see the light of the day. After rejection from traditional publishers, the authors half-heartedly approach to vanity publishers and self-publishers who have different packages designed to cater to the needs of enthusiastic budding writers.

Writers who are floating in the market successfully are tied with life belts. Not every author is able to afford even the lowest package of these publishers. The vanity publishers have adopted the same channel like submission of script and signing a contract, which is a Xerox copy of the contract of traditional publishers. Such authors finally publish an eBook on KDP, which provides free service of publishing an eBook. Many authors are not convergent with procedure and even pay to publishers for publishing an eBook on KDP. May be every author should have his own publishing house, for all services pertaining to publishing a book like printing, typesetting, editing, vendors for online supply are available on job basis. Hire a marketing agency if you do not want to market it yourself.

This whole procedure is the dirty business, a nasty side of the best art of the world - Writing. So let us focus on the best part of it ie. creating a literary masterpiece to the best of our abilities. Like Tulsidas writer should write for his own satisfaction and not for immortality, popularity, fame or money. Nor for invoking any kind of kinetic or static appreciations from readers. A boat in the river may aspire a writer to paint the scene in words, writing about the reflection of the boat in the water would be more important than writing about boat itself. The coax might be a type or an individual. Can we see him as an archetype of all those sailors, mariners and shippers who struggled with untamable force of water element? Rather an archetype of all sufferers of the nature.

The mood of an ocean is close to the human psyche. You want to surf the waves or dive deep for pearls. Writers have a choice,none is superior to another. The main thing is to have microscopic observation and telescopic vision. If the writer has read sufficient literature of the world, the words would flow in the stream of consciousness or may be a stream of unconsciousness depending upon the depth the writer has reached.

It does not matter if your imagination has gone wild during the process of writing and the outcome is unbelievable. Imagination cannot create anything that is either not already happening or would not happen in future. The book Titanic was written one hundred years before the Titanic was actually made and the mishap occurred.

One of the most important tasks for a writer is universalizing of his emotions. "If you want your readers to cry, cry yourself first".

Blank verse broke the age-old traditions of poetry writing and earned a respectful place in the arena of literature. Similarly, the model of novel writing that evolved through Chaucer, Henry Fielding and Richardson to D. H. Lawrence, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf is at the threshold of another new era.

Burn Me Naked is a paranormal fiction free from many traditional devices of form and setting. The story is not divided into chapters and setting of places are overlooked to impress universality. Few quotes on Burn were selected randomly and a story was woven around those quotes. The quotes are from different countries, writers, politicians, to show how collective unconsciousness can formulate an extraordinary story.  

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  1. sir, paranormal fiction means?

    1. Paranormal romance focuses on romantic love and includes elements beyond the range of scientific explanation, blending together themes from the speculative fiction genres of fantasy ~ Wiki


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