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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Abusing Human Life~Children's Day Special

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What makes them happy?

Once again we are going to celebrate Children's Day with all the privileged children of the society who have access to the education system and did not become a victim of the highest child mortality rate of the world, highest  malnutrition children of the world and highest human traffic trade of the world and are not employed as child labor. Believe me they are lucky.
It's not a coincidence that those under privileged children are not far from the eyes of a common middle class/Upper class Indian who have lost their sensitivity and are happy to console themselves that they are not one of them.

These children are garbage pickers who roam in the streets since dawn and clean half of the garbage by picking up valuables (?) like plastic and  metal pieces from the heap of mixed garbage of leftovers, empty cans and bottles, used tampons, diapers, broken glasses, vegetable peels and stinking toxic wastages. Their unwashed, unclean body and faces smeared with dust and torn, dirty clothes they too appear as part of a heap of garbage from a distance. When their fingers swiftly dissect the garbage and quickly pick up anything valuable, their eyes glitter and the triumph of luck reflects on the face for a moment. Though they know that even if the valuable collected by them are sold at higher price they would not receive any kudos from their father, who would use the money to buy country liquor, and more money means more liquor and more liquor meant more thrashing of wife and children.
The inhumanity reach to its climax when one of these children finds something he wanted to eat since long after watching many advertisements on TV channels, picks up a stale piece of pizza, noodles, cake, ice-cream or chips and eats it under temptation.

Of course, our greatest concern should be for those who failed to see the light of a day, due to willful riddance by parents obsessed with gender discrimination or due to poor medical facilities, unhygienic conditions at the spot of delivery, negligent medical staff in Government hospitals,  adulterated medicines, untrained midwives and lot many more reasons. Who has missed them?, their parents, family, society or nation. A loss of life must be somebody's loss, but I don't know who? If human life is so useless and petty any effort to implement a law to ensure its sustainability is futile.

Many of these children become criminals. As a juvenile criminal they are sent to reform homes, which have become training centers to make them hardened criminals. Day by day  crime rate is increasing and police force remains inadequate in manpower and resources to curb that upward shoot of the graph. The elite would spend any amount to keep criminals away from them. They paid heavy taxes, but political parties used that amount to fulfill their own ulterior motives. The elite had to devise a new plan to gain sympathy of downtrodden who were mint of criminals. So they came out with Philanthropy Plan and made trust, foundation, charity institutions, and NGO which on the one hand saved taxes, laundered their money and on the other hand they gained the sympathy of prospective enemies.

Rich is dubious, but so are the poor. One could see through another. Philanthropist did not earn the respect from society at large. Except from peers, no poor man clapped when they tried to establish themselves as self proclaimed Hero of the society.
Every problem has an inbuilt solution, and sometimes it is so obvious that we overlook it. The time has come when we stop fighting against problem, but shake hands with it. Despite spending millions of dollars we have not solved any problem of the world, on the contrary it has increased in dimension. China could become world power only when it converted its 'Population Problem' into a 'Men Power' asset.

UNICEF and Human Right Watch report says, 12.6 million children are engaged in hazardous occupation, more than 5 Million Nepalese girls are sex workers in brothels of the world out of which 2.5 million are in Indian brothels, there are 3 million child beggars in India and so on and so forth.
Do you think that situation could be worse than this? If you can't beat them join them. What may happen if we legalize all kinds of flesh trades and state should just monitor to eliminate coercion, harassment and exploitation of the trades.

So far as 'Black Money' would be mightier than 'White Money', this would be the only solution.

© Vipin Behari Goyal

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