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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The World is Conical

                                                        The world is Conical

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After acknowledging that the World is Flat it would be a greater task to make us appreciate how and why the World is Conical? We need not to search for new parameter (except a few unavoidable, overlooked due to prejudice), but a paradigm shift towards a horizon which remains unseen when our World is flat or round.
The first Economist of the world was the one who designed the coin as round and flat. Since that day whole thinking of mankind has started revolving round the money. Sigmund Freud's theory of symbolism  would have easily found connotation of the formulation of these structures with genitals since people have many different conception of the same object. A round object has a different conception than conical.
Some arguments in favor of Conical World are-

1. Narrow Vision- People have a better vision at a flat surface. It seems many things that are obvious are being ignored by mankind due to narrow vision. (No, I am not talking about Ozone layer or any other environmental issue). Rich thinks that they will remain rich forever, and poor thinks they will not remain poor forever. This difference in thinking process is dragging the world towards a chaos unimaginable for mankind. The elite who occupies the top niche of the pyramid or cone are justified in being myopic since for a vision you have to look horizontally and not downwards.

2. Earth is Multidimensional- A cone has many dimensions, we explore and find a new dimension every time. Even that dimension also has many dimensions and we are caught in the web. With the advance technology of navigation we surely have succeeded in measuring few dimensions, but much is still in the dark. A flat or round surface can not have many dimensions, but Earth as a conical structure is multidimensional and unexplored.

3. Top-Notch-Triangle- The top notch people have the facility to make their own triangle. They make every possible effort to make the angle acute, so they have to deal with very few people of the same feathers. As a reaction bottom notch person also forms two triangles at the extremes of the larger triangle, but they are diagonally opposite to each other in their point of view about balance of power with top-notch-people. Rightist think that suffering is their fate and live contentedly and Leftist are rebels who fight against a system without any means. When  these two extreme groups would join hands, they would have inverted the triangle to make the world conical in real sense.

4. Oil and Weapons- To think and act like owner of all the oil fields of the world, you don't need to be an economist. You already have a faith in "I am the Monarch of all I survey, my right there is none to dispute" (William Cowper), and reach to the lands of treasure as plunderers. Oil is the only wealth of the world, which flat world ignores to mention. Moreover, they can sell arms to middle notch people to drop on bottom notch people, this keeps both of these hateful communities away from top-notch-people.

5. Fighting against insecurities- It is always easy to retreat when the world is flat. Wealthy people are paranoid and the compunction attached with wealth makes them insecure. They have a subconscious defense mechanism to survive in worst condition, even when everybody else would perish. ( Don't forget cryonics). Since the world is conical there is no retreat for top notch people. They can only stumble and die.

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Excerpts from his unpublished book "World is Conical"

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