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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Renaissance of Indian youth By Kiss Of Love

Kiss of Love-Keep It Simple Stupid

Whether kissing in public is a legal offense or not, Whether moral policing is good or bad for the society is not the issue. Whether the police and authorities should harass, lath charge, disperse the people who are peacefully demonstrating their opinion is an issue.

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Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia Director of Human Right Commission said " The Indian authorities are clearly missing the bitter irony that a law used by the British to imprison Gandhi is being used against those who disagree with the government".
Moreover, those who opposed the demonstration were violent and had a support from authorities. In all probability either they will not be arrested or they will be released without any harassment. Are we on the same track as Taliban? How they would be different from us if we too are fanatics about imposing a self made Moral Code for the society.

Friedrich Nietzsche also approved the Law of Manu, which is only authentic code of conduct for Hindus and it has no where condemned Public Kissing. Law of the land enforced by highest judicial authority, Supreme Court Of India  also made it clear that 'no case can be made out' of two people consensually hugging and/or kissing. The verdict was passed  by the Supreme Court when unscrupulous authorities tried to arrest Richard Gere for kissing and embracing Shilpa Shetty on the stage in an awareness program.

The Moral Policing has its origin in the history of India which remained slave of Mughals and British for almost one thousand years. Both of these races were permissive and considered beautiful Indian girls as their properties. A lot of stories of Mughal Harems and British concubines are written on the black pages of Indian History. Chastity of a woman has always remained an issue in all the religions of the world, may be because paternity is still a belief unless someone go for a DNA test.
We have to appreciate Indian Judiciary, which has always worked with an open mind and acknowledged the change of values with time. They passed judgments in favour of homosexuality, live-together, property rights of women and of 'other woman' who is not married legally but is kept or concubine of a man.

But unfortunately the same 'Justice, Equity and Good Conscience' do not prevail in law enforcing agencies.

The NHRC has formed a "District Police Complaints Authority" to examine the grievances of the public in the matter of rude and uncivil behavior towards the public, abuse of authority, misuse of power, wrongful arrests and detentions, custodial violence etc."

The scene at Kozhikode and Jhandewala estate  reminds us the barbarian troops of British regime implementing sedition law on freedom fighters. All Free Thinkers are freedom fighter and already society of youth, which comprises the maximum population of India, and on whom our respectable PM has put lot of trust has come forward to curb the fundamentalist from imposing a Moral Policing.

India is a multi cultural country, and in Mumbai, which is also a fort of Shiv Sena the public kissing is not a big issue. In the evening at Juhu and Band Stand one may be surprised that he/she is in India. The same is true for Golden Beach, Chennai and lot more places. In Goa on Kalingut beach not only foreigners but Indians have been seen taking a nude bath right under the banner by the Government stating "Nude bath is illegal and prohibited."

Kolkata rightfully demanded 'Amar shorir amar mon bondho hok raj sashon' (It's my body, my mind, I won't allow moral policing).
Come on, there are other issues, India is having the highest number of children suffering from malnutrition.

An innocent kiss of Love may not harm society but a clandestine racket like Kochu Sundarikal involving minor girls is abhorred. 
Kiss is a simple, innocent ethical act of expressing love.
So "Keep* It* Simple* Stupid*"

© Vipin Behari Goyal

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