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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mysticism in English Literature

                   Mysticism, Eroticism and Skepticism

                Indian English Authors,Emerson,Mitch Albom,Paulo Coelho

Whatever is unexaplainable in the cosmos is a mystery. Whenever an author is possessed by some spirit he writes a mystical novel almost in trance. Mysticism is like peels of an onion. The texture would change with every peel, but ultimately a hollowness would make a mockery of all the efforts.

All books based on Premonition, Sixth sense, Supernatural, Absolute, Macro and Microcosm, Holy Grail, Miracles, God and Guru can be classified as mysticism, though list is not exhaustive and is expandable by imagination.
Many authors make the mystery more complicated by the narration. Oftentimes, readers too expect application of mind to read the book. Simplicity of language and narration leads to disappointment. They think Mysticism is prerogative of certain intellectual minds.
An author should avoid writing a book on Mysticism unless he has some first hand experience of the events he wants to narrate. It can not be a Fiction without foundation of True Knowledge. Otherwise, any prudent reader would discard the book after a few pages.
On the other hand, if the book is Realistic and complications of Life and Philosophy are handled carefully a casual reader would not be able to appreciate it. Because he is not on The Path, the path that leads to self realization. So he looses connection with the plot and characters and throws the book out from the nearest window.
William Blake when he says "Prisons are built with stones of Law, Brothels with bricks of Religion..." Or the Emerson's notion that "...Different races will eventually mix in America. This hybridization process would lead to a superior race that would be to the advantage of the superiority of the United States" and Goethe when he says  “Where one day she'll be glimpsed: creature who'll scorch me with love?” are actually talking about their ability to observe and discern.
Mysticism in a way symbolizes Eroticism. The seeds of solution for Mysticism are hidden behind the curtain of lust that is the force that pulls in the opposite direction.
Tantra (Read my book Maya...) handles both the forces with care and make use of one Energy (Sexual) to attain another (Spiritual). Tantra is super mystic since the knowledge is said to be forbidden for a man of ordinary prudence. To practice rituals of Tantra without guidance of a Guru could be fatal.
Earnest E. Larkin in his essay Mysticism in Literature has talked about "I-It" Mystics. The Vedanta  talks about "That-Thou" concept to understand the mysteries. The inner consciousness being The real agent of perception, the senses being mere instruments.
The world of indefinable Extra Sensory Perception leads to Skepticism. The hidden power to read the future (Clairvoyance)  is a God Gift or can be attained (Awakening of Kundalini) is also a matter of an individual's opinion finding its way in many books of Fiction and Non-Fiction.
Some authors have come out with original solutions to the age old problem and their work is a master piece in the history of Literature. Khalil Gibran in his book The Prophet and Richard Bach in his book Jonathan Livingston Seagull have given the essence of Life.

© Vipin Behari Goyal
Excerpts from his Book "The Worst is Over"
Author is also Advocate at Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur

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