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Sunday, December 21, 2014


                                 From Ferguson to Peshawar

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The whole world is in the grip of unprecedented violence. May be this is high time we resolve to spend  the year 2015 without any incidence of violence. The fire of violence that spreads from Ferguson to Peshawar has reached to the zenith of Shame for the Mankind.

Mahatma Gandhi was an epitome of nonviolence. The world and so called advance  civilization of the sense-fettered earth-bound mankind saw their mundane benefits in not appreciating the virtues of non-violence. Gandhi did not get any Nobel Peace Prize though he was the greatest champion of  Peace and non-violence. The violent people saw great opportunity in this and they not only shot him dead, but also replaced Gods with Guns in temples, mosque and churches. The violence got its shelter in the arms of religion.

Violence is not the irrational killing of a non white youth or innocent children, but is also hurting feelings of anyone by thought, words or action.

Gandhi went one step ahead and said "Poverty is also violence". So those who become rich by exploiting poor are the most violent type of people.

In the list of 183 countries published by IMF Afghanistan stands at rank  166 with GDP 678 USD per capita against  9 Rank of USA with 53001 USD GDP per capita. Not that it needs a Statistician to draw the conclusion. If some Economies are 1000 times stronger, obliviously they have overlooked some of their fundamental duties.

The racial prejudices are hampering the growth of certain races. In US $33,321 is the  annual median income of black households in 2012, compared with the nation at $51,017 and 27.2% is the poverty rate in 2012 for blacks, while nationally it was 15.0 percent.

Two data to understand two incidents. To own the responsibility. To face the situation squarely. To shift the paradigm. To plan the future of mankind with an open mind. To get rid off blame, counter blame game. Who would do it. Politicians. No, Never, their vested interest is not in the suffering of the mankind, but in popularity that would enhance their grip on their vote bank.

There would be no use of scaling the problem as a politician, sociologist or economist. The solution lies in understanding the problem  Philosophically and Psychologically as a human being. All solutions are very apparent provided we come over our prejudices and see the emergence of  the New Planet Earth.

In the novel The Possessed by Fyodor Dostoyevsky the revolutionary chooses Nikolai as the main target since he thinks that Nikolai has no sympathy for mankind.  The author was inspired real life revolutionary group "People's Vengeance".

In The Penal Colony by Kafka the "condemned man" is found guilty without any procedure or trial. It could be same as Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp or "The Torture Garden" of Octave Mirbeau. May be the person who tends to be violence are having the same opinion as Jean Paul Sartre's  "L'enfer, c'est les autres" or "Hell is other people". The "Terrorist" by John Updike remains one of the despised books by Americans, though the author has wisely woven the plot to understand the problem through Ahmad Ashmawy Mulloy.

Paulo Coelho on his blog has expressed his views in dubious language about fighting injustice.
© Vipin Behari Goyal

Author is also Advocate at Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur

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