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Thursday, August 27, 2015

High Profile Crime and Punishment

High Profile Murder Cases Mystery

 Property is Murder~ Fyodor Dostoevsky

According to an old Indian proverb there are three root causes of all crimes viz. Money (Jar), Woman (Joru) and Jameen (Property).

Dostoevsky encapsulate all the three into one-property. Money is a kind of property, and in patriarchal society women were also property.

Excessive wealth, money or property and beautiful wife or wives, concubine, mistresses or affairs lead to crime. Otherwise also first is a prerequisite for second vice.

You cannot be rich without being criminal.

It is a bitter truth. Violation of law, tax evasion, blackmailing, enticing a rich partner for marriage, forgery, conning, hiding a fact and playing immoral tricks with competitors are the games people play to be successful.

Unfortunately in this world success has become the only criterion of right or wrong. Worldly achievements are the yardstick of success.

We have witnessed many high profile murder cases in the past. Tandoor Murder case, when a husband killed his wife and roasted her in tandoor. Jessica Lall a high profile bartender girl refused to serve wine after closing hours and was shot dead, Arushi Murder Case when a Doctor couple caught their minor daughter  in an awkward position with home servant and killed both of them Sunanda Shashi Tharoor, who was found dead in her hotel room in mysterious circumstances and Bhanwari Devi Murder case in which Bhanwari a medical nurse was murdered and two suspects one of whom was powerful Minister are still behind the bars. 

Pramod Mahajan a BJP leader and fundraiser for the party was shot dead by his own brother Parvin Mahajan. Parvin Mahajan was a stooge who also died in dubious circumstances when he was on parole. Bibek Maitra who was secretary to Pramod Mahajan was killed by overdose of drugs in the bungalow owned by Pramod Mahajan. Pramod Mahajan was charged by an IPS officer's wife for killing Shivani Bhatnagar, the Indian Express journalist. Rahul Mahajan, son of Pramod Mahajan is prankster, divorced his first wife and selected second wife through a reality show.

The family saga can put any crime thriller, suspense, treachery, lewd story writer to shame.

The list is long, cases continue in the court for many years till long channel of Judicial system is exhausted by top lawyers hired by high profiles and the whole purpose of justice is defeated.

Common man already knows, what would be the end of it. He reads the news as he reads some crime and thriller magazine  story without correlating himself with the incident.

The poor and middle class crime riddles are solved easily. First, they do not have enough money to hire top advocates, and second, Police does not hesitate in using third degree method to extort the truth from them.

If you have enough money to spend on Police and Judicial System, and have no political enemy, chances are that you would not remain behind the bar for a single night  even if you have committed some heinous crime. Even by chance, if your custody is granted to the police, you can manage five star hotel treatment in Jail.

William Congreve in his book “Way of the World” has shown many hidden faces of elite society. Multiple marriages, illicit affairs, forged documentation are also part of the game the goal of which is to acquire property. Love without money is an empty dream. Money may ultimately corrupt even the pure love.
Shobha De an Indian author had been writing novels and stories about socialites and their private life.

After the success of  soap opera “Missing” a similar TV serial “Trisha” was produced in India last year. It was a high profile drama of young girl Trisha who was kidnapped by her own uncle for property disputes followed by the murder of Trisha's father.

Indrani and Sheena

Two years back a young high profile girl Sheena 24, was found missing from a suburb of Mumbai. Now her mother, Indrani Mukherjee ex-cine star has been arrested for alleged conspiracy of her daughter’s murder. Indrani's  husband Peter Mukherjee, who is Ex-CEO of Star India TV channel has expressed ignorance over the fact that his wife was already married twice before she married him. Indrani introduced Sheena as siblings to her present husband. Peter had two sons from his ex-wife. One of them Rahul is said to have incestuous relation with her step sister Sheena. Are you intrigued? Wait, more facts are yet to be revealed.

1 September 2015

Some shocking facts have come to light: Indrani was sexually molested by her own father when young and Sheena may possibly have born out of  a physical relationship between Indrani and her father Upendra Kumar Bora. 

Indrani herself is not biological daughter of Upendra Kumar Bohra. 

Sheena Bora was pregnant at the time of her murder.May be by her own step-brother? 

One more in the series is murder of Hema and her lawyer. Hema is an artist and her husband is prime accused in the case. This case would meet the same fate as that of all other high profile crime cases.

The old man and the Nymph published in 2014 had exposed almost similar life style and it was severely criticised by puritanical reviewers. I wish they read it again in the light of these cases. 

It’s no wonder Truth is stranger than fiction.~ Mark Twain

© Vipin Behari Goyal
Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur, India

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