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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Religion and Cult :Radhey Maa

Celebration of Joy

                                                                                                         Osho by Drawing Portrait

When You Celebrate, the Whole Existence Participates with You

“I celebrate myself, and I hope soon the day will come you will be celebrating yourself. And when thousands and thousands of people around the earth are celebrating, singing, dancing, ecstatic, drunk with the divine, there is no possibility of any global suicide."-Osho

A religion is an old cult. A cult is new religious movement. - biography.

Cult accepts religion as its source of origin, but religion does not accept cult. Religion is conservative and cult is modern and liberal.

Radhey Maa and numerous like her are cults that enriches religion. Religion is fear, cult is hope.

To an extent you can generate fear and exploit the people, but after that it is a celebration of joy that liberates people from fear and enjoy religion.

Radhey Maa is pioneer of the new cult in Religion. In many cults like Nagas and Digambar Jains nakedness was a code. But females were not permitted to join such cults.

Condemnation by media has proved that Radhey Maa has a point to make. The media is so sensitive about its own freedom but surprisingly callous when it comes to freedom of speech and expressions by others. How does it matter that Radhey Maa is dancing in mini skirt and sits in the lap of man, so far as no law of the land is broken.

Osho (from Sex to Superconsciousness) also faced media trial for his meditation camps. During Meditation his followers and disciples use to dance and reached to ecstasy oblivious of clothes.

When Adam and Eve decided to cover the private parts, civilisation started. Civilisation is the cause of all sufferings. So the cult of nudist is in vogue.

The Soul doesn’t have a gender. The religion is path of the soul. It wants to see beyond gender.

In Buddhism the follower of Vajrayogini believes that Vajrayogini manifests herself in the enjoyment form which is beyond this world. Therefore, the deity is beyond gender and beyond discrimination.

A few years back One Indian Police Officer of Director General rank D.K.Panda declared himself as Doosri Radha that is second Radha and resigned from his job. He use to sing on roads dressed up as a bride and beloved of Lord Krishna “Radha”, wearing anklets, a nose ring and vermilion on his forehead and a duptta. He sings and dances on roads. Any Psychiatrist would not hesitate to identify it as perversion of transgender. Panda is not alone, he got famous because he was a high placed Police official, there are thousands of followers who worship Krishna dressed up as Radha.

The name Radha itself is highly symbolic. If read in reverse order it is Dhara which means flow or stream. It is flow of energy in our body. It has downward trend that is why Radha. By meditation the energy is directed upwards. It can either be done by hard penance or by rituals of Tantra. In tantra the female power (yum) plays an important role. Read Maya.

D.H.Lawrence faced severe criticism from many feminist like Kate Millet. They brutally assaulted and labeled him misogynist. He is also one of the authors most read by women. Like E.L.James is more read and admired by the females. No feminist approves of such authors, though paradoxically they are more adored by females.

Aristotle said there is no such thing as hot water, but only hot water in some container.

Isolated truth, without a context is farce.

Luke 7:37 says that Jesus accepted the perfume brought by sinful woman.

So what is the harm if Radhey Maa accepts mini skirt, wears it and dances in that, for the amusement of her disciples.

1.September 2015

People of dubious past and character like Rahul Mahajan and Dolly Bindra have waged a war against religious head and celebrities to serve ulterior purpose of their own. The lacuna in the system of bureaucracy and legislature, greedy media and weaknesses of celebrities are their weapons of extortion.

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© Vipin Behari Goyal
Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur, India

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