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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mumbai Lovebirds will be extinct

Do You Hate Lovebirds?

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Thanks to Mumbai Police soon the race of Mumbai Love Birds is going to be extinct.
Forty couples were caught by Mumbai Police from the hotel rooms in Madh Island Mumbai in a raid (

What a great news? Are we not satisfied with our limit of stupidity? Or we want to touch a new horizon?

Is hotel room, a public place? A public space is a social space that is generally open and accessible to people. Roads, public squares, parks and beaches are typically considered public space. (Wikipedia)

How there can be any public indecency when the place is not a public place.
According to Supreme Court of India consensual heterosexual relationship between two adults, including pre-marital sex is no offense.

They have just ruined forty beautiful lives. The perpetrator are not the couples, but the system which compels them for hideouts. Just imagine the trauma the parents, friends and relatives of those caught by police are suffering from. Someone is contemplating a suicide and others have eloped from social life to save their face.

The terrorist could give statement that they enjoy killing laughingly making mockery of the whole law and order system of a country, but Indian Youth cannot have conjugal pleasures in their privacy.

In every society there are always people who are averse to giving any liberties to youth. Most of them are those who themselves suffered from some trauma in childhood, which conditioned their mind to be vengeful for pleasure- seekers. Mahatma Gandhi has also confessed it in his autobiography.

The love birds are not harmful to society. Mumbai is so much crowded that couples don't have privacy in their own home.

The incident of Kozhikode stirred a movement in Indian Youth and Indian youth demanded their right to Public Display of Affection. That was an issue ! How much intimacy shall be permitted in public places. Even at that time my post Kiss of Love supported the rights of Indian Youth.

India has the largest habitation of prostitutes in Sonagachi. Mumbai is not far behind. If you consider all illegal activities like drug trafficking, flash trade and weapon smuggling it is the capital of India.

And we are hunting for love-makers and not hate-makers?

India has a rich cultural heritage. We have Khajuraho to explain what is acceptable by society and what is not. Almost all laws of the land are enacted keeping in mind the inheritance which is called precedents in law. That is why Hon'ble Supreme Court passed its verdict in support of consensual heterosexual relationship.

Just like the decision to ban porn sites was taken back by Government very next day, how wonderful it would be if all criminal charges against these lovebirds are lifted and someone somewhere whosoever is responsible apologize.

In "A Love Affair" Emile Zola has beautifully described how lovers find a rendezvous to consume the passions.

In Last Tango in Paris (Bernardo Bertolucci), the rented apartment becomes their secret meeting place.

In "Contempt" by Alberto Moravia the philosophical explanation of such relationships is found.

Moravia's novel is the quintessential example of "modernism," the movement that emphasizes the human limitation for self-understanding and the understanding of others.

The incident should ensue a sociological debate. If society is heading for Modernism, does it only want to reap the benefits of Technological advancement or is it prepared to have a broader outlook on all other related issues.

© Vipin Behari Goyal
Advocate, Rajasthan High Court, Jodhpur, India

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