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                          Novels by Vipin Behari Goyal:

Indian English Author, Blogger

So far my following books have been published.

Author: Vipin Behari Goyal

1.Tall man small shadow
2.Maya In search of Tantric father
3.The old man and the nymph
4.Apsara~Niña Bonita 
5.Burn me naked love my naked soul
6.Untouchable's Daughter
7.Empty Cocoon
8.Facts About Fiction ( Free Download Link)

Out of these first three are available as paperback. All books are sold as eBook on

Reviewers of the English Novels who write a review on
Blog/Website/Goodreads/Amazon or anywhere and would like to review any of my books, can get a copy. You simply have to choose a book and write to me your complete postal address and mobile number (for Indian reviewers) and an email id(out of India residents) .


or at :

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