Author's Diction~Vipin Behari Goyal: April 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Is US ready for woman President

                     Fourth Wave Feminism
fourth wave, us president election

I sincerely think that we are over with Third Wave of feminism.

Without struggle for what we have achieved so far, we can head for Fourth Wave. 

Yes, we will have as many waves as possible to make our point. Since we are done with the issues of suffrage, social equality, sexual and reproductive rights, (pageants are no more cattle parades) and are comfortable with Neo-Marxist-psycho-analytically amalgamated version of eco-feminist Woman who is proud of being tagged as Bitch(a strong, angry, uncompromising woman who is not interested in pleasing a man) or a Slut (fun-loving, rebel, proud of assets). I think these two words should be used for both the genders since they define an attitude which is not gender based and is not uncommon in men also. A man can also be proudly assigned all those tags which he has so far kept reserved for women. I mean, why a man cannot be called a slut, especially if he is behaving like one. (Keeps many sexual partners and is unkempt).

Now when we enter into Fourth Wave we need a paradigm shift. So far women organizations were demanding rights or whatever from male dominated institutions. Suppose the women are Head of all the institutions and everywhere they are on the other side of the table questioning hegemony of patriarchal  rules.  All constitutions, law, rules and regulations are rewritten scraping any trace of bigotry against fair gender. In that case, suppose, rape would be redefined and punished in a way that blood of any male would freeze even with the thought of committing a rape (like public castration).

Nations need to be governed by women. In past Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi, Suu Kyi, Benazir Bhutto, Sirimavo Bhandarnaike (all Eastern countries' leaders) have done well, but presently except Angela Merkel (Germany) no other major western country is led by a woman leader. Democracy in most of the Western Countries is not mature enough to be led by a woman.

In 2007 when Russian President Vladimir Putin took his giant dog Labrador when he went for a conference with Germany's Angela Merkel. Having attacked by a dog in the year 1995 Merkel was obviously scared by proximity of an offensive looking dog. An apology has come a bit too late. CNN on 12 January 2016 explained that he didn't mean to scare while Merkel said he did this to prove that he is a man. He is afraid of his own weakness. US will have to ensure that their female Head of Nation is not scared of any animal. Thankfully cockroach is not a pet animal.

In the year 2006, during G8 summit Bush had rubbed Merkel up the wrong way(The Guardian). Many countries might be waiting for their chance when a female takes over as President of US.

Irving Wallace should have written 'The Woman' instead of 'The Man'.

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Author of  World is Conical

Monday, April 6, 2015

Right to Fall from Grace

Right to Fall from Grace

Every person who enjoys a social statue earned by years of labor is always scared of society. He does not want to fall in the eyes of society. The society is conservatives, thrives on tradition and laws of puritans is its backbone. So you can never expect society to be "open minded", pragmatic, revolutionary and ahead of its Time. They do not change their rules easily. So they do not appreciate your falling from grace. Shakespeare in his sonnet 94 says-
"But if that flower with base infection meet
The basest weed outbraves his dignity"
The sin was committed when forbidden fruit was eaten and repercussions are still faced by the innocents for doing what they think is right. Even that society is not in the making which would permit an honest person to fall from grace without feeling guilty, insulted and conscious of it.
It needs braveness on the part of society to society in permitting people to fall from graces with dignity. Unfortunately, society is a bundle of callous, redundant and imbecile minds who collectively form a collective conscience, which is their mirror image, illuminated manifolds.
Those who do not want to follow the dictum of society are labeled as epicureans, and put in a prison of isolation or in the company of the same types like criminals or quarantined to save the honorable members of society from contamination.
Alfred Lord Tennyson was against providing any liberty so far as chastity and purity of home was concerned. Though he expected both husband and wife to follow the ideals. No amount of passions, however true and intense it may be, can excuse in his eyes for violating these ideals. Chastity and purity are not obsolete, and will never be obsolete.
                       "The Woman's cause is Man's;
                         They rise and sink together"
So fall of one is fall of another also.

Right of Dead to decent Burial

On the other hand same society has forgotten the age old Right of dead to decent burial. We are not talking the deads of a commoner, though it is debatable if the dead body of a king is superior to the dead body of a pauper, even many dignities were subjected to disgrace which brings shame to the whole humanity. The dead bodies of Saddam Husain or Osama Bin Laden were subjected to so much harsh treatment that one would wonder how much civilized we are.
In Shakespeare's famous play Julius Caesar, Octavius says
"According to his virtue, let us use him
With all respect and rites of burial"
What made him think like that. He could have easily thrown the dead body of Brutus in the Mediterranean unceremoniously. Can a dead body be an enemy of anybody?

"The leaves of Grass" are being crushed by those who were supposed to protect it. What is their hope after this destruction? 

© Vipin Behari Goyal

Author of  World is Conical