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Saturday, June 4, 2016

The Alien Girl

                               Forbidden Navel Show

Jenny The Alien Girl
Dear Jenny,

I would have never come to know that you are an alien, if the topic of a navel show would not have crept up while discussing why people love to post photos of their feet. Your theory that “I am not in the mood to show you my face, see my feet”. I agree to it. I prefer that you have to begin with the feet on a vertical journey at my body. It’s a message, I am proud of my feet; they take me places. Whatever, my suggestion was that the navel is the only source of prenatal existence and we should proudly display it to remind that our microcosm has a definite relationship with macrocosm. The navel has many shapes and is an index of the mind. Decoration of the navel by tattoo and pierce rings is therapeutic. A proud declaration of existence in an otherwise a meaningless and purposeless life. I requested you to show me your navel. Initially you were shy and tried to laugh it off, but when I insisted you declared that you don’t have any navel since you were an alien. It was a shock for me. You were earnest in your declaration. Everything started falling in place and a complicated puzzle was solved. From the very beginning, I was skeptic about your human form.

You were mysterious from the very first day. You had already left a house without saying goodbye, just because you could read the mind of your host. That was your first alien quality I noticed. After that when I told you about CC and you could presume everything that happened between her and me. You quickly explored CC and found everything about her. I just do not much care about the past of a person, nor I am good like you in drawing conclusions based on casual remarks posted on social websites. Though I admit that all these things have a bearing upon us and nothing happens without a reason. Only an alien could be that potential geek.

When I asked your opinion about the CC’s remark in her letter that she wrote to me “Oh V-, you are not just a good man”, you were hesitant to accept that it was meant to be a compliment. You were fishing for some covert negative meaning in it. I believe in intuition, though you are suspicious almost about everything. It is nice to start a relationship with an element of doubt at every step till the person proves himself trustworthy. I usually do not bother about other’s opinion and act as natural self. You had no reason to trust me moreover; you had recently met an unpleasant situation with another man. It did not put myself under any pressure to act differently than normal self. People are so accustomed to artificial life that anything natural upsets them. Can it be my fault?

I do not know what else am, if I am not just a good man. Jenny I asked you also, but you preferred to remain silent. Being an alien you had some mechanism to dissect the human behaviour by primordial genetic code. You must have been surprised to read my genetic code. It has been mutated by my “will to power”. That makes me a good man without any conditioning of the mind. But you know what, I am sick of being known as a good man. It stops me from freedom of choice to be a bad man. Good men are the big losers.

In the cave temple you were under trance. Apparently, you were communicating with some other world. While returning from the cave temple we did not speak a single word. Your alien character was obvious and I was suddenly happy in your company. Tranquility was communicated. Our plan of revenge had evaporated and aggression had diluted.

You were constantly making me think of CC. Once you told that, you would trail her and meet her. If you do so, I will be grateful to you. I want your perspective about everything. You have a comprehensive approach in analysis like an author. I am not just curious to know everything, but I also hang on your opinion like a thread of breath. You look at our life as if you are viewing a video game. This kind of mechanical neutrality is disquieting for most of the mankind. I think I appreciate it. I believe in the mechanism and eventual failure of it.

Live long, as if you have nothing else to do.

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©  Vipin Behari Goyal

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